Top 7 Sushi Bar Business Books


In today’s world, the restaurant industry is an ever-changing marketplace. To stay an expert in your field you should be constantly aware of new trends, tricks, and tactics.

With the overwhelming amount of information available to you, determining a trustworthy source of updated information can be half the battle. No need to fear, Cowe is here!

Below you’ll find our favorite books to keep you in the know, up to date, and ahead of your competitors.

1. Edomae Sushi: Art, Tradition, Simplicity

2. Japanese Soul Cooking: Ramen, Tonkatsu, Tempura, and More from the Streets and Kitchens of Tokyo and Beyond

3. Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking

4. The Zen of Fish: The Story of Sushi, from Samurai to Supermarket

5. Sushi (Japanese Edition)

6. DK’s Sushi Chronicles from Hawai’i: Recipes from Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar

7. The Sushi Economy: Globalization and the Making of a Modern Delicacy

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